Meets Base-Load Power Needs

Because wind and solar do not produce power on a consistent, predictable basis, they cannot be relied upon to meet base-load power needs. Unlike wind and solar, wood pellets can be used by utilities to meet their base-load power requirements, making them the only form of renewable energy that can replace coal as a source of base-load power.



All of our wood supply comes from trees grown in forests managed under sustainability standards that assure the forest will be replenished on an ongoing basis. This type of managed growth insures that the tree supply is constantly replenished and keeps forests healthy.


Qualifies for Subsidies

Torrefied wood is globally recognized as a renewable, long-term carbon-neutral source of energy. Therefore, it qualifies for subsidies currently in place in various countries.  It also meets the renewable portfolio standards adopted by numerous states in the United States (33, according to the United States Department of Energy). As a result, coal plant operators can obtain subsidies and satisfy renewable energy requirements by incorporating torrefied wood into their production process.

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