New Biomass Holding LLC is a green energy developer targeting high quality, sustainable clean energy solutions. We are the industry leader in the production of torrefied wood pellets, which are an immediate and practical replacement for coal. We have produced, sold and shipped more torrefied wood pellets than any other company.

New Biomass founded and developed the first commercial scale wood torrefaction facility, located in Quitman, Mississippi, operated by our subsidiary, BTH Quitman Hickory LLC. Through our production at the Quitman facility, we have made unprecedented breakthroughs in torrefaction technology, proving that torrefied wood pellets are an innovative and renewable energy source that can be produced on a commercial scale.

In March 2014, New Biomass launched a joint venture with Solvay, an international chemical company, with the express purposes of expanding our production of torrefied wood pellets and accelerating the marketing and sales of the product. With our torrefaction expertise and Solvay’s industrial prowess, the Solvay Biomass Energy joint venture is positioned as the preeminent producer of torrefied wood pellets worldwide.

The Quitman, MS Facility Location

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New Biomass is actively looking for future locations for wood torrefaction facilities.

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