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We have produced over 75,000 tons of torrefied material in the last eight years at our commercial scale torrefaction facility in Quitman, Mississippi.

We understand that renewable energy solutions are not one-size-fits-all and we are committed to helping customers determine the optimum torrefaction solution for their individual operating environments and renewable energy requirements.

The Quitman Plant

The Quitman Plant has produced, sold and shipped more torrefied wood pellets than any other facility in the world.

Commercial Scale Experience

Our experience developing and operating a torrefaction facility at a commercial scale is unmatched in the industry.

Torrefaction Expertise

Our team has a broad range of expertise in torrefaction operations, large-scale development projects and complex financial transactions.

Torrefied Wood Pellets

Torrefied wood is the most compelling renewable energy solution for existing coal power plants. About 40% of the world’s electricity is generated by coal plants. These plants represent a large capital investment and, in most instances, it is not economically practical to retire them in the pursuit of cleaner energy. Torrefied wood pellets integrate easily with existing coal systems, enabling plants to generate clean energy without lengthy or expensive conversions.

Grinds and burns like coal

Torrefied material grinds and burns like coal and can be integrated into existing systems in any percentage up to a full conversion.

Operates near capacity

Torrefied wood pellets have a high energy density, allowing coal plants to operate close to their rated capacity.

Economical and available

Torrefied pellets allow existing coal plants to continue supplying power but in a much cleaner way, using a renewable, sustainable resource.


We are committed to ensuring our products come from sustainable sources and encouraging our stakeholders to broaden the practice of sustainable forestry. We have strict procedures and a robust infrastructure of computer systems, scales and documentation to ensure traceability. Every load of inbound wood is entered into a database with the location of its harvest in order to ensure the sustainability of the entire supply chain.

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